Sunday, February 5, 2017

In the beginning...

This month marks 7 years ago we moved to this house.  We had been living in an apartment in the big city, but got tired of feeling like just another ant in an anthill, and wanted some spaaaaaace to breathe.  We were having a difficult time finding that magic combination of the right house, the right amount of land, and dealing with a commute, plus being able to get high speed internet access.  We had almost given up, and were at the point of renting a house in the city for a few years until we found the right place.  One night before bed, our realtor emailed us a listing, and it seemed perfect: A large house, on land, with acceptable internet speed, and a pool!  The only drawback was it had 2.5 acres and we were hoping for more, but we could live with it.

The house was in great shape, but it was very blue: blue carpet, blue blinds, blue plastic marble counter tops in the bathroom.  Still, everything was nice, so we went with it.  We had lived in fixer uppers before, and it was nice not to have to do anything.  The owners even threw in the blue recliners!  I can only find these two pictures from moving in, one day hopefully I will come across the rest:

Here's one of the outside of the house, and the pool, before it all went to hell (and that story is coming!)

Things were going good for a while, but then life happens.  My mother in law and brothers in law moved in with us, major repairs, etc.  Plus we never realized just how much of a toll the daily commute was going to take on us.  We really didn't feel like or want to do any major renovation.  We have made a few small changes here and there, but nothing major.  It's only recently that life circumstances have changed to where we are ready to start making changes.  And now we get to bring you along.  Since we don't have the money to hire contractors or installers for things, or to do everything at once, I hope it will show that you don't have to spend tens of thousands at once to get things done.